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History of Jones Rabbit Farm

Founded by the late Willie Jones after he retired from the Army in the early 1970’s. He started raising rabbits for processors. In April 1981, Mr. Jones had his own processing plant licensed the by California Department of Food and Agriculture. A small family business which started with the production of rabbits for the Army commissaries in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1976 Mr. Jones moved his rabbits from San Mateo to the current location in Santa Rosa. He also ventured into pig farming and did very well, but quit pig farming in late 1990’s.

Mr Jones had a passion for rabbit farming which he pursued in memory of his grandfather who raised rabbits in Florida, when Willie was growing up.


Jones Rabbit Farm is still a local family business, serving high grade processed rabbits to restaurants, retain and private consumers.

Jones Rabbit Farm is the only poultry processing plant licensed by California Department of Food and Agriculture, north of San Francisco.

We source only locally raised/grown animals.